Oswal Woolen Mills installs Streat Moisture controller: June 2012
Oswal Woolen mills recently installed a Streat Moisture measurement/ control system on their Petrie McNaught Wool Scour. Oswal chose to install Streat controller since it helps in:

  • Productivity increase: optimizing the dryer productivity thereby increasing the throughput of the whole scouring machine
  • Improved quality: Ensures uniform moisture output at the end of the scour, resulting in better control in carding action, which in turn leads to reduced fibre breakage in carding
  • Energy savings: Optimizes the dryer steam energy consumption by avoiding over-drying of fibres than is required and re-processing of wet fibres.

Streat Instruments is the world leader in online moisture measurement and control systems for wool scours. Streat systems are working round the clock in many applications including cellulosic fibre dryers, medical cotton bleaching, tampons lines, fabric dryers, towel dryers and a host of other areas where the process is sensitive to moisture.

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